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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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before president trump took office, he was doinged by quesons about russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. >> now the special counsel investigation has ended without establishing collusion between the trump campaign and russia. so you could argue that today is he president's first full day in office without the russia cloud hanging over the white house. >> but democrats don't quite see that way. blayne alexander tracking reaction at the white house. blayne? >> reporter: wendy and jim, democrats have made it clear they will not be satisfied until they see exactly what mueller uncovered over t past 22 months for themselves. so today democrats and republicanshe saywant the attorney general on capitol hill to testify and bring more of muelr's report with him. and the president said that he does not mind that report being made public but it's not up to him. >> they know who they are. >>ereporter: on the monday a the mueller report delivery, president trump continuing his victory lap.
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>> it's 100% the way it should have been. i wish it could have gone a lot sooner, quicker. we can never let this happen to another president again. >> reporter: this after attilney generalliam barr in his four-page summary of special counsel robert mueller's report telling congress mueer did not find that members of the trump campaign coordinated with russia. butn obstruction, mueller not reaching a conclusion. instead, leaving that up to barr, who writes, the special counsel states that while this port does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. barr and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein decidin there is not enough evidence to charge president trump with a crime. buts democ not satisfied. >> right now we have a four-page summary written by somebody else, not by robert mueller. and that somebody else is not a disinterested party. he's a political appointee of donald trump. >> reporter: already pushing to subpoena both a muell barr
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to testify before congress. mean pwhile, thesident attacking those who appear to have started the investigation. >> there are people out there than done very bad things, evil things, i would say treasonous thin against our country. >> reporter: but aed today whether mueller acted honorably. >> yes. >> reporter: as t the report being released president trump said it would not bother him b al leaving that decision up to his attorney general. today in the senate, the top republican, leader mcconnell blocked a measure that would urge the department of justice to makhat mueller report public. it's a resolution that recently pass d unanimously in the house. >> there are still so many questions from une special l investigation. it's not clear whether the full report will answer them. one key question, whether president trump or anyone around him was compromised or fluenced by russia.
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counterintelligence experts say it's vital to know the answer. >> the very question that mueller w t supposed answer, which is do we have a compromised president? do we have a president who can remain a neutral decision maker in all things russia? this whole thing started as a counterintelligence case. it needs to wrap as a counterintelligence case and applying criminal standards to that kind of haquestion, ifs all we do, we never get to the heart of w counterintelligence is, which is to determine whether or not we have a president that is on our team or not. we're still digging into all the questions surrounding the special counsel's report we'll have a live report with nbc's pete williams in our next half hour. a bde situation in district heights this afternoon has ended with the gunman still on the loose. police say a man shot two people in the neighborhoodthere, and in the h last halfour, the
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search expanded beyond pennsylvania avenue and silver hill road near suitland high school. wilkins was first on the scene and joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: prince george's countyolice were concerned about the gunman possibly being inside of a home and they were concerned about the possibility that someone els may have been tn the home with the gunman according to wha witnesses told them. but as you can see here, the police are wrapping up the scene here right off royal plaza drive. let me show you what it looked like earlier. this all started just before 2:00. two people shot, a man who is now in grave -- or has left -- has been left with grave injuries. and another woman who was injured by gun shots. andrince george's county police were told that that gunman possibly went back inside of the home. and after a stanoff here for some time, a barricade
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situation, they went inside the house and the gunman was n there. everyone accounted for. hear now from a witnessls and prince george's county police. >> i heard gun shots at the drk and i came over here and i seen police cars, that was it. >> all of this happened very quickly. wand we hadness statements that we couldn't take for granted. when we're told that the shooting suspect ro back i a house and never came back out, we have to treat it likthat. we can't have officers walk into danger and residen in a house where there might be an armed suspect inside so w had to take the steps we took today. >> reporter: in addition to this neighborhood being on lock down so were twols sch suitland and drew-freeman, the kids have been released and are boardin buses now to head home this le in the evening. reporting live i'm tracee wilkins. happening now storm team 4 tracking rain for many of you
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out there. let's get to chief meteorologist doug kammerer to talk about how much rain -- there you are -- nd how long it's going to be with us. >> it's going to be with us the next couple hours, not talking about a lot of rain. most of it is on the lighter side. storm team 4 tracking that rain for you. notice baltimore to frederick, right along 70 is where some of the heaviest rain has been. and shower activity down towards the potomac. you will see wet roadwss, so hep there. notice to the north we have snow. to the south thunderstorms. a typical march systemol the air for us is going to be winning out and we have temperatures continuing to fall. earlier today it was 63 now down to 56. ok at hagerstown now down to 41 degrees. e your colder as you m way out early tomorrow morning. i'll show you what that means for your tuesda wednesday and the rest of the week, including
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nats opening day coming up on thursday. we'll have more on that, see you back here in just a minute. michael avenatti,ye the l who previously represented porn actress stormy daniels and then spent a lot of time on cable news, i'm sure you know his face, that guy is facing feder charges tonight. avenatti is accused of trying to extort millions of dollars from nike. federal prosecutors say heen threat to use his pr ability to hurt the company financially if it didn't pay him up to $25 million. and if that wasn't enough, in another case, avenatti is now accused of submitting false tax returns to get a $4 million loan, as well as ung his clients' money to pay for expenses that were related to his ffee company. a blind vietnam war veteran and purple heart recipient died toda after a fire broke out inside his apartment.
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that blaze began just befor 9:00 this morning in a complex off benning road in d.c. pat collins talked with the man's family, his neighbors and joins us live with details. pat? >> reporter: jim, he was blind. he lived in a fourth floor partment over there, but he didn't want tomove. he liked the neighborhooded he lik his neighbors. he liked his apartment. it was h home. but today he was trapped in a fire there. today he died there. the victim identified by his family as 70-year-old reginald beckham, he was a marine, a vietnam veteran, he was awarded the purple heart there. here he is in a more recent picture with his daughter and two grandchildren. he h lov grands. mr. beckham was an international trade specialist, retired,e fro
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ommerce department. he had become blind and today he diis in a fire inpartment in southeast. the melted plasma tv. the charred cabinets. the singed cat scratching post. inside the apartment evidence of the smoke and heat from this deadly fire, this fire that took the life of a 70-year-old man, and his beloved cat. a cat he named poogle. on the steps outside, the man's slipper left behind. theresa benjamin, she lives nearby. >> he was so nice. >> for something like this to happen -- >> it's unbelievable. i'm crying my heart out. yeah, that was my friend. that was all of our friend. >> reporter: this happened this morning on the top floor of the hampton east apartmentsn
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benning road southeast. sergeant lev was there, he knew someone was trapped inside. he and c hisw did their best to make a save. >> we're very aggressnoe because we on the other side of that door is somebody's mother, father, uncle. one of our relatnes could be there. we want to make sure we're serving the people like we're serving our own family. >> reporter: now the cause of that fire, it's stilatunder investn. jim, back to you. sad. pat collins. pat, thank you. a dangerous discovery near a lementary school. >> a man walking throu the woods and stumbles on multiple pipe bombs. coming upe why pol say they've been hidden there for decades. fairfax county taking action after an investigati you saw only onws ne4. susan hogan joins us live with the new protections for students. >> reporter: it's time to start fixing the massive potholes
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around the area. i'm adam tuss i'm going to tell yo how
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6:13 on this monday evening. ok at that radar. a little bit of green as the showers move through. am 4 is tracking this rain and a big temperature swing just ahead. have you had it with the buy rides? a lot of asphalt is about to go down in our region. d.c.'s pot olpatching blitz known as pothole picoozad off today. so that means these are about to be smoothe ou adam tuss is near one of the craters near fox hall road in northwest washington. >> reporter: nasty stretch of road here at fox hal and dexter.
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you can see the cars going around this stretch here, not looking too good. if you want toeport a pothole in the district, you can text or call 311, and also tweet them. it is time to start fixing our roads. when you want to kick off pothole patching season in the district, you give the mayor a paver and let her smooth out patch. >> we certainly have seen throughout the region thatpo oles this year have been worst worse than before. >> d dot said it's received over 7,500he requests since beginning of the year. more than double time last year. >> some of the streets are awful. >> reporter: why has this year been so bad? all the rain and snow has frozen into the , grouthe pressure from cars has started to break apart road surfaces and when temperatures warmed, roads panded and crumbled more. the federally maintained
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baltimore washington parkway's issues are well documented. >> i think the sign said rough no. no it should s road with deep potholes. >> reporter: we asked mayor bowser if she'd be willing to help the national park service with roads in the district? >> we are not looking to take on any federal roads at this time. >> reporter: it was worth a shot. the mayor also used the event to highlight new safety improvements coming to myland avenue in northeast. new bike lanes and better pedestrian crossing areas. >> if you want to che out h many potholes are in your neighborhood and see which ones have been reported and which haven't, check out our nbc washington app. search potholes. the father of one of the victims of the sdy hoo massacre has now been found dead of an apparent suicide. an sadly, it is not the only
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one in recent daysinked to a mass shooting. erika gonzalez is in our news room with more. >> there have now been three suicides, two students and one parent, all of who were survivors dealing with the of the worstof two mass shootings in this country's history. today, 49-year-oeremy richmond was found dead in newton. police say it appears to be a suicide. he was the father of one of the 20 first graders gunned down inside sdy hook elementary. he and his wife established a foundationimed at pr enting violence by understanding brain health. yesterday we learned a student from marjorie stoneman douglas has been found dead as well. and a week before that, a graduate and survivor of the valentine's day massacras also found dead. her mother said she suffered
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with ptsd and struggled to start colleg with a lot of fears of the classroom. >> it hurts seeing itbe just use it's not 17 anymore. it's 19 now. andhe fact tha this is going to be something that affects us for years afterwards, it will not end. >> each of these deaths leading to more conversations surrounding the support for survivors of mass shootings. in the news room i'm erika gonzalez. mental health struggles can affect anyone at any time. and many find it a difficult issue to discuss with others, and that is whyew is shining a light on the subject. we have information in the nbc washington app. just search changing minds. a mental health eluation is ordered tonight for a man who shot an alexandria police officer six years ago now and more recently was charged with
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setting fires targeting mental health workers. a see bashiras founding in for shooting and nearly killing police officer peter laboy. t last year he was found to be well enough to be released from a treatment facility. now he's back behind bars after ing fires. in ari h today his lawyers asked for a mental health evaluation before the new case mos ahead. to a story you'll see only on news4. >> a fairfax county school board member is a taking actioner the death of a third grader. wesley died las may after helping a teacher operate a d motori partition. virginia's governor signed a new law adding protections for students. but we learned fairfax county could go a stepsp further and
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d nearly half a million dollars to add safetyo devices its electronic dividers in their schools. >> susan hogan is here with the ils. >> we've been following the story since wesley died last may. it's a heartbreaking story even more so because his death was avoidable. a safety device can be installed so if somethingr something gets in its path, the sensors detect it and stop the divider from moving. these walls have huge motors and they're very powerful. tonight we learned that school board member tamara koufax is requesti0 $450, to add the sensors to all motorized partitions in the school d district. e are at least 127 of them. the funding is being added to the bdistrict'sget which will be presented to the county's
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board of supervisors next month. fairfax county confirmed to news4 that it's planning to install one of these safety devices at rocky run medical school -- middle school, which is under going a major renovation. we asked when it's going to happen and were told, quote, in the near future. we'll stay on top of that. president trump welcomed our stanley cup champsteo the w house this afternoon. president trump telling the team he's aockey fan, fan of the caps a fan of team owner ted leonsis. he told them they haveip championeart and a shot at a repeat. today's individual included alex ovechkin in a suit and tie. big difference from him swimming in the fountain from the celebrations. some players, including braydon
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hoby did not attend. women who say they've become sick from breast implanan ng together. >> we are mothers, sisters, wives and daughters and we are suffering. the cancer risk at the f a federal hearing today. storm team 4 is tracking temperature swin [ ding ] show me the crown. [ ding ] show me homecoming. [ ding ] baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you, uh, mind giving someone else a turn?
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all right. we have a little bit of rain coming through, but wt until you see what's coming after this this week. >> you know, this is something i think we can all get behind. yesterday was nice, 66,
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sunshine. we want to string a couple nice days together. looks like we'llo that lat this week. but we have to go through showers today, cooler weathervi in and then get into the warm stuff later this week. right now, the cooler air moving in here, still shower activity around to. cloudy skies downtown. look at that wind o of north at 16 miles per hour, that's going to drop temperatures across our region. and doing so already. 56 d.c. 46 in gaithersburg. a 10 degree temperature difference in just about 15 miles,yowards hagerstown o 41 degrees. so colder air making its way across our areait and that rain it's kind of a nasty evening in parts of the region, especially around frederick and baltimore. but the rain coming to an end. could still see a couple n showers,ice the spin in the atmosphere here, that's the storm moving on thugh. th colder air moving down as
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well. the big deal is the coolern temperatures for the day tomorrow. not really the shower aivity although we will run into a couple wet roads. severe wther going down to portions of alabama but also seeing storms in southern virginia. snow in pennsylvania, thunderstorms to the south. a typical march-type system. this time the colder air wins out. 56 in t d.c., 70 in raleigh. 81, that's what we want to see. we haven't seen 80 yet. i don't have any 80s in the forecast. but we get into warmer air later in the week but not tomorrow. tomorrow 54 degrees, prez superintendent a breezy and cooler with plenty of sunshine. it going to be cool, especially before the noon house. tomorrow afternoon with sunshinere lookingy good. how about the nationals' home opener? opening day looking good as w take o the mets down there. this is perfect. we will be there all day,his is a huge deal for us.
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going to be down there all day. jim handly will be there at 4:00 a.m. i'm not giving the forecas for that time, because nobody else -- it's just you. >> i don't want to hear it. >> for the rest of us, 11:00 a.m. take the jacket. around 60s. by 4:00, 64, come see us we'll beive right by the first base gate. there's openg day, 64. 73 on friday. nice weather for part of the weekend, too. i'll update you on the weekend forecast at 6:45. coming up a potentially deadly device found in a maryland park. >>alked by that white bucket eany times. >> p bombs found hidden in the woods. find out who police say put them there nrly two decades ago. also a search for a suspect who opened fire in a crowded shopping center. police say they need your help to find this >>shooter. we have a health alert for women tonight. the new risk that has the fd
6:27 pm
taking a closer look at breast implant safety.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 6:00. right now at 6:30, prince george's county police expanding their search for a gunman. investigators say this gunman gravely wounded a man and seriously injured alo woman. ckdowns have been lifted for the schools.
6:30 pm
michael avenatti is facing charges in two separate investigations. avenatti is accused of trying to xtort nike by threatening to use his notoriety to get publicity to hurt the company final financially if he didn't get paid $25 million and they say he submitted false taxeturns to t loans. president trump claiming rtal vindication after attorney general william baeased a summery of the findings of robert mueller's investigation. pete williams joining us in about 15 minutes. a man using his metal detector over the weekend stumbled across six p active bombs in frederick county. >> authorities say he could have been killed he found them insid a bucket near theoo near an
6:31 pm
elemtary school. >> cory smith reports the bombs are connected to a man convicted 20 years ago. >> reporter: he spent several decadesck trag woods behind his property. he says you never know what you'll find out here. he's never been moret. ri police say a man was using a metal detector when it pinged on this bucket. he dumped out the contents ando found pipe. >> flps a lot of rust on them. >> reporter: investigators say e man is lucky they didn't explode. after learning where they were found, rinne counts himself lucky, too. >> i think i walked b that white bucket many times. it concerns me because i have my son out here. >> reporter: investigators know who put bombs there, his name is allen shermy, but he won't be arrested. 's impossible. he's dead.
6:32 pm
hethis is w allen shermy's story came to an end, or so we thought. back in 2001 he was convicted of but before going to jail, he took a cyanide pileaand died. 20 later, though, the police believe they have enough evidence to connect him to these devices. >> we found some writings and things like that that hadis name and those things. >> reporter: maryland's state fire marshal said the bombs were destroyed in a controlled nenner. but r can't shake the feeling of if he had gone near that white bucket. right now detectives are searching for the gunman who opened fir in a northern virginia parking lot. friday night an argument in a restaurant spilled out into the parking lot of brookville plaza in springfield, virginia.
6:33 pm
witnesses tell us someone shot into the crowd. a man wit a gun shot wound is still in the hospital tonight, a junile victim was treated and release. police hope someone has sellon video that might help them crack this case. >> i hear a lot, they start fighting inside, and come outside, the shooting here in front of us. i've been hereye 25 s. >> police setp a tipline, the number is on your screen, call detectives if if youha saw happened or have video of the private event or shooting. jurors in alexandria have ended the day without a verdict in the case of an accused killer who thought his victim was a werewolf. the jurors have to decide moreu than the suspect's guilt or innocence. julie carey explains.ep >>ter: a full day of jury deliberations here on top of about 9minutes last friday in the murder trial of a new jersey
6:34 pm
man who travelled to alexandria last summer and killed a complete stranger. brad jackson was popular figure in old town. testimony revealed that pankaj bhasin was in the midst of a breakdown when he followed jackson into his second floor office. bhasin said when jackson confronted him about why he wae he picked up a box cutter and began slicing jackson. there were 53 wounds. jackson was beaten, suffering a broken neck. bhasin was arrested soon afte w ld later say he thought jackson was a werewolf. the juriv as choices before it. theyil can find him of first degree, second degree murder or manslaughter or not guilty by reason of insanity or not guilty. the jury gets back to work again tomorrow morning. in alexaria i'm julie carey
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news4. tonight the fda is looking at the safety of ad certain k of breast implant. at issue a possible link between the textured implant and a rare form of lymphoma it's not breast cancer but a cancer of the immune system and it grows in the scar tissue that grows in the imant. we moving the scar tissue and the implant generally cures the cancer. 12%f women have these textured implants, 457 women in the u.s. have been diagnosed with this type of cancer. and 17 people worldwide have died from it. e implant makers say other factors may be contributing to the cancer and that includes genetic predisposition. tomrow maryland voters are at the center of a supreme court case that could have national implications. the high court will hear oral arguments in a gerrymander case
6:36 pm
that involvesmaryland's sixth district. the change in 2011 brought more democrats into the district and d republicans. maryland's attorney general argues the plan was created after significantt inpu from voters. governor larry hogan is expected to attend the arguments tomorrow. count down to opening day, security chang mean no bags at the ballpark this season. fo the new optio fans who still need to store the stuff. count down to peak bloom. tis is the tidalasin right b
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. >>s thursday news4 will be broadcasting live from nats park for opening da hey, if you plan on being at the
6:39 pm
game or any of the games this season, there is a change in stadium policy you need to know about. backpacks will no longer bete perm in the park. diaper bags, smaller bags and any b needed for medical reasons will still be allowed. now the stadium sells nationals onekpacks if you buy while there it'll be tagged and permitted inside only on the day you buy it. we'll have everything you need to know to take yourself to the ball game, the latest news on the team,t what's new nats park and weather for first pitch. our coveragely begins e thursday morning, i'll be down there with company and we'll continue throughout the day on news4. doug is going to join you in the afteoon and evening forecasts. a sure sign of spring in these parts are cherry blossoms. our famous budslo arer to
6:40 pm
peak bloom. amelia draper is here with our cherry blossom >>update. wendy, this is what it looked like down at the tidal basin this afternoon, the cherry blossoms now according to the national park service in stage 4 out of 6. after that we have the puffy white stage, the final stage, peak bloom. so only a few more days i think until we start to see peak bloom across the area. check itout. the peak bloom projection islo ing like next week. again we're in stage 4 now out of stage 6 and the temperatures as we move towards the middle and end of the work week are oing to help the blossoms come out. our average high now about 60 degrees. we're runningor belowl tomorrow and wednesday but then ormal thursday, friday and saturday. i was speaking with the national park service today they were telling me the cherry blossoms love afternoon high temperatures above 70 degrees. that helps them get to peak bloom. we're not only going to see itur
6:41 pm
friday but sy as well. and i want to mention now in this stage 4, the blossoms aree suble to freezing temperatures. it is going to be cold tonight and tomorrow night. thankfully down at theidal basin i'm not seeing freezing temperatures so i think the blooms wl be fine. i updated the projection. early i said april 4th through the 8th. moved that up with warmer weather, april t 1st throu 5th, heading down to the tidal ban this weekend you'll start to see a show, but next weekend will be the most spectacular there. april 1st through the 5th is the time go if you can get down there. >> we need uff coming early this year. >> doug gott oohs and aahs, you're going to get some. with the rain and the temperature drops, again it's
6:42 pm
going to take the cherry blossoms a couple days, but up next doug is back with how much cooler it'g to feel tomorrow. also ahea after nearly two years of investigating, will the special counsel report be released? and how much, any of it, will w
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
back now to the end of special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. so wt happens next? >> mueller's report has been turned over to the attorney general as we know now. but we're also sing just a four-page summary written by the attoey general william barr. mueller's team found that
6:45 pm
russian government entities hackedhelinton campaign and the democratic party but the investigation did not establish conspiracy, did not establish coordination with the trump campaign. l the attorney genelso notes that mueller did not make a determination on the issue of obstruction, although barr and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein have concluded the is not sufficient evidence to estaish obstruction. >> pete williams joins us in the studio. a lot of people demanding to see this report now. how likely is it we in the public will get to see it and how far-offsoo you think thing like that is? >> i think it's good we'll see it. whether we'll see the entire thing i don't think so. because barr himself said there's grand jury material that has to be taken out becau it's illegal to share that under the law. and he's m askedller to try to go through the report and fter ou what needs to be taken y
6:46 pm
that's grand jsecrecy. and bar says anything that has to do with ongoing investigations that would compromise them if it was revealed. he's committed to turning it over to congress. i'm su if he turns it over to congress, that would be public. >> theou fact hen't come to an agreement on obstruion charges, do you think there's a disagreement between mueller and barr? >> i don't think so. i think the justice department was surprisedllhen m told barr and rod rosenstein that he was not going to reach a conclusion o struction. some people have said how can the attorney general decide afte 48 hours of seeing the report that othe's going to charge the president or say the president committed a crime? and the answer is, that we learned today that that was actually three weeks ago that mueller told the attorney general and the deputy attorney general rosenstein that that was going to be h conclusion. so they've had three weeks to think about this question it's a difficult question. they say -- barrreays in the
6:47 pm
port that one of the factors is that there doesn't seem to be any crimeas that the president trying to cover up, so that may have been a tie breaker for them on their conclusion there wasn't a crime. >> with the democrats in the house, how l tg is thisng going to continue to unfold now that it's ready to launch, i you will? >> it depends on -- as bill clinton said, it depends on the meaning of what "it" is. if you'rehe talking about mueller report, it's going to take time to get to congress. they std they want by next week. that see like a tall order. if you're talking about the seuse investigation of t matters, months and months and months to come. >> it's not done ye >> oh, no. >> it's not over until it's over. >> the cherry blossoms will be long gone. >> you know it. maybe next year's. nbc's pete we appreciate you joind ing us. anlook for more of his
6:48 pm
reporting o "nightly news" with lester holt. let'so turne weather outside which was delightful sterday, showers right now, but delightful later this week. >> i think we're in for one of the nicest stretches we've seen later this week but we have to get through cooler weather and a little bit of rain right now. rain right now outside our studios. the roadways a little bit on the wet side butro that'sthe light rain, not going to be cause too many problemsther than the fact this is still the rush hour. 56 degrees right now. dropping temperatu down to 52 next hour. 49 by 9:00, 46 by 11:00. it's going to be a cool night. i think many areas wake up to the 20s and 30s tomorrow morning. 46 right now in gaithersburg. look at that, ata de here of 25, 30 miles and you're talking about 11 degrees temperature
6:49 pm
difference because the colder air is sinking across our region. that's why we're in for a cold start on your tuesday. there's the rain, right along i-95 down through d.c., fredericksburg. this is all on the light side and we are done back along the i-81 corridor. the bigger picture showing not just the rain in orea but snow to the north and thunderstorms down to the south. amazg what you get in march. battle of the seasons coming in. warmer air to the south, colder to the north. this time the colder air wins out. here are the current numbers 56 d.c. that's one of the warmest on the map. the exception 5rgtowards ia beach. but 47 in hagerstown so temperatures have dropped 13 degrees in hagerstown from where they were earlier today. it's going to be on the chilly side, especially in the northwest zones, tonight. tomorrow high temperature of 54.
6:50 pm
still a nice afternoon a cold start, 34 in the city. butost of you, about 25, 26 in some of the cooler same deal on wednesday, cooler early wednesday morning, but with sunshine, lighter winds, tomorrow will be breezy, up to 56 on wednesday. 64 degrees on thursday. of course, that is opening day for the nationals. looking great as we take on the mets there, the fst series down there at nats park. jim handly is down there at 4:00 a., i'll be there at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 in the afternoon. plenty of sunshine. take the jacket early, jim, you'll need the jacket. i bought you earmuffs a couple years o, you may need them at 4:00 60 d by 1:00 for the 1:00 start. 4:00 the game getting over, it's going to be nice at the salt line where we'll be. friday a temperature of 73. 73 degrees on friday, look at
6:51 pm
this, 75 on saturday. 73 friday. 75 saturday. still 70 on sunday before cooler weather moves in late next week. earmuffsu see in me in thursday morning i'm coming for you doug kammerer. >> runctn the other diren. coming up, the nats back coming up, the nats back home and opening day ready
6:52 pm
might mean a trip back to the doctor's office just for a shot. but why go back there when you can stay home with neulasta onpro?
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. they do clean nice, the caps. >> they do. i feel it's been a while since 've seen them in suits and ties. they got to go to the white house just in the nick of time before the 2019 ploffs begin. maybe the most anticipated event gnce becom stanley cup champions almt nine months ago, the capitals finally get to visit thehi house. alex ovechkin and team owner ted leonsis among the caps who celebrated with the president
6:55 pm
this pternoon. trumised the team for its stanley cup run. compared ove to babe ruth. several caps, including braden holtby declined the invitation to the white house. but all all a special day for the franchise. >> h iored to have the caps with us. honored to have the washington catals here. winners in the highest sense. it's tough to win. tough to go through all those teams. and i really tell you, i think you're going to have an awfully avod chance of doing it again. >> thank you forg us. it's an honor for us to be here and meet you personallyand, you know, we're going to try to do it again. >> knock on wood back-to-back champs. there's bad news for the chances to repeat.
6:56 pm
defenseman mike qukepne sufferea long term injury here. he was helped into the dress roomi unsure whether he'll miss the playoffs or require surgery. he'll under go more tests before an announcement was made he was seen with ctches today. baseball season is right around the corner. monly twoe days until open day at nationals' park. one final exhibition game before the opening game today. max scherzeretting ready for his start on opening day. john carlo stanton smacking this straight. an zimmerman making the scoop for the out. turner,re gat play.en anthony done set to have a bigger role with the offense with the loss of bryce harper. crushing this ball to left, not
6:57 pm
sure where thatnd laed. two run shot for rendone. nationalsead the yankees 4-2 in the six. brenda frees and t theps in action tonight, facing ucla with a trip to th sweet 16 on the line. it's 41 years to the day the bruins beat the terps for the national title. a history making moment. the first time a n'wo college basketball championship was televised nationally, it was on nbc. as for this year's matchup, coach frees told me it's another match up in a memorable season. >> have already won 29 games. t we lovehe fact that our lastam home g will be here for xfinity with an opportunity to move on to the sweet 16. so just playing in front of our tremendous fans has been, you re know, just ible during the tournament. >> meanwhile, at george
6:58 pm
washington, a new era for the basketball program jamon christian introduced ashe t head coach. he spent 7 seasons at mount st. mary's head coach. he comes after one season at siena. but when he got the call from gw, it was too special to pass i up. as thrilled. you start thinking about it because you know you've always hanted that opportunity. sometimes w you want isn't what's best f you. i started to thinking, do we want to do this oortunity? i knew i wanted it. after about 30 seconds of i tha s like i have to go for this thing, they have a special leadership quality, we want to be part of that. >> he was joking he wanted to play at gw as a kid but knew he wasn't good enough so he's thankful. >> i love his name. he sounds like a character in a just fabulous. >> thank you, sherree, that does it for us.ta
6:59 pm
"nightly news"s
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tonight, the new battle just getting undeway over the mueller report. no proof of collusion, b undecided about obstruction of justice. as the president declares victory, democrats blast the attorney general and demand ther full r breaking news, trump antagonist michael avenatti arrested on federal charges. accused of trying to extort millions from ke. how the feds say they caught him. and sources tell nbc news his alleged coconspirator is celebritattorney mark geragos. a tragic turn after the school massacres in parkland and newtown. the father of a little girl killed at sandy hook dies in apparentuicide. in florida, two students who survive that shooting apparently taking their own lives. women sounding the alarm and the fda considering action about


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